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  1. S/He is the sole key holder and accountable for the stock levels for assigned stores to be locked and controls access to it
  2. Assisting the team leaders with inventory of equipment and materials in the not locked engine department stores
  3. proper storage and labeling of all materials and equipment under his/her control in compliance with company procedures
  4. Handling of receiving and landing of all material related  to engine department
  5. Ensuring that arriving spare parts are checked
  6. updating the info Ship as per receiving
  7. Ordering and performing inventory for consumables
  8. preparing the summary of cargo landing manifest
  9. Use of forklifts as required
  10. All over engine department responsibility for

- Labeling and refiling

- Securing register checks and updating files

- Inventory and Logs

- Pest Management

- Hazardous waste process administration,inventory,collection and disposal for engine




Paramedics are responsible for providing high standards of individualized routine and emergency care to guests and crew. Paramedics act as a first responders, triaging emergency calls, assessing and treating on scene, and transferring patients to the shipboard medical center for definitive care. Through the use of specific patient group directives, paramedics are able to practice autonomously under the authority of doctors, assessing patients and providing treatment and advice for specific conditions. In additional to first response duties, paramedics work closely with shipboard nurses and doctors to attend to patients attending daily walk-in clinics.

Paramedics also perform various technical and non-clinical administrative tasks that support the efficient and safe operation of the medical center under the direction and supervision of the Senior Nurse. Additional duties include equipment checks, medicines and inventory management, participation in drills, audits, inspections and training of other crew members. Technical skills are learned and practiced on board, such as X-rays acquisition, and performing a wide-array of laboratory tests and other procedures.

All medical staff provide high level of customer service, maintaining a professional, dignified, friendly, assertive, and polite manner at all times, towards both guests and fellow crewmembers, and demonstrate performance consistent with the Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan of the organization.


  • Works independently on performing tasks
  • Conducting performance diagnostics, take metabolic measurements, provide personal training
  • Developing individual training plans and providing professional equipment support
  • Having sound knowledge in measuring and assessing heart rates
  • Planning and conducting workshops, seminars, and presentations on current fitness topics such as nutrition, cardiovascular training, sports as a preventative measure
  • Professionally conducting all activities in the Body & Soul Sport area such as those offered in weekly class schedule, e.g., aerobics, step, Indoor Cycling, back exercises, Pilates, BBP, Flexi Bar, Zumba, and XCO
  1. Conducting hiking, biking and activ excoursions

COSTA CRUISES: Butler (Japanese Speaking)

  • Provides delivery service in Suite Guests, including refilling minibar and offering assistance for any requests (i.e. appointments, cocktail parties, special functions), in order to ensure an excellent service, in accordance with Company standards
  • Provides additional services (i.e. shoeshine, luggage packing and unpacking, laundry service, excursion booking,) in order to ensure Suite Guests satisfaction, as per Company standards
  • Maintains and cleans Suites and corridor of the assigned area, in order to offer the best quality service according to Company standards
  • Promotes sale of excursions, Club Restaurant, and any activity on board and handles all the bookings and requests for the Suite Guest, in order to provide the best quality service, in accordance with Company standards
  • Is responsible for the cleaning and tidiness of his/her locker and sanitizes weekly his/her pantry in order to respect sanitation rules as per Company procedures
  • Report any complaint to the Supervisor in order to provide a fast and effective solution in compliance with Company procedures
  • Assists in Guests embarkation/disembarkation when needed in order to support the staff as per Company procedures
  • Takes active part in a work environment that support a successful safety culture. Is a dynamic contributor in following safety policy and procedures.
  • Follows the instructions received as per protocol applied on Covid-19 spread prevention rules
  • Supports an effective health and safety culture proactively informing Guest on any infringement or missing application of procedures and reporting to the Head of Department the critical situation
  • Maintains a high responsible approach applying social distancing rules also during non-working activities
  • Supports the new organization of the onboard activity performing tasks enhancing health standards (i.e. temperature screening, sanitization of the working place, instructions to passengers)

COSTA CRUISES: Sales Attendant (Japanese Speaking)

  • Actively sells and provides customer service with persuasiveness, friendliness, and with the clear objective of making successful sales throughout the shop
  • Clears understand the promotional strategies and ensures successful implementation with resources provided by the Company
  • Organizes independently the assigned shop area in order to ensures that goods are continuously presented in accordance with the Costa Shop standards
  • Is responsible for goods receipt and organizes the assigned storage area
  • Provides to restock the shop from storage room continuously in order to guarantee that the shop is always stocked.
  • Is responsible to collect Guest’s payments for their purchases , in compliance with Company procedures
  • Cleans the shops and storage area with the proper materials according to sanitation rules in order to guarantee that the areas are spotless and shops are ready for the next opening
  • Provides suggestion on stock replenishment to the main offices in order to improve Guest’s satisfaction and increase the shops revenue
  • Gathers feedbacks on product offerings/price positions/etc. and report to the Company with insights for improvement
  • Takes active part in a work environment that support a successful safety culture. Is a dynamic contributor in following safety policy and procedures.

COSTA CRUISES: Sales Manager (Japanese Speaking)

Leads and coaches the onboard Sales Attendants to achieve revenue targ

Makes sure of smooth operations of the In-House Shop, including stock receipt, storage management, shopfloor management, people management (Sales Attendants)

Communicates regularly with shoreside team to clearly understand company strategies and to ensure successful implementation with resources provided by the Company

Makes onboard marketing & promotional plans proactively within given resources, shares successful practices / makes suggestions to shoreside and other ships so as to achieve fleet goal

Collaborates with other departments according to company strategies to achieve common goal

Manages daily reports to shipboard and shoreside

Provides suggestions on stock replenishment to the main offices in order to improve Guest’s satisfaction and increase the shops revenue

Gathers feedbacks on product offerings/price positions/etc. and report to the Company with insights for improvement

Facilitate a work environment that supports a successful safety culture. Is responsible for ensuring that his/her team implements and maintains an effective Hess management system. Enforce and promote Safety procedures in the team/Department under responsibility.


Acts as the first point of contact for HR issues and services, in order to ensure that rules are respected 
(being warrantor for Company rules) and promote staff development. Facilitates communication bridging 
the gap between management and crew, shipboard and shoreside. Fosters a climate of integration and 
participation, supporting the welfare of the crew

SAGA CRUISES: Assistant Cook

ensures the kitchen is orderly and assists Cooks to prepare and arrange food

SAGA CRUISES: Galley Utility

  • Assures that all Galley equipment (e.g.: plates, glasses, pots ..) is always properly cleaned and sanitized in order to guarantee delivery of the services, following HACCP standards
  • Provides to maintain all Galley working areas always clean, including floors, walls, elevators as per Galley manual, to guarantee the sanitation, following HACCP standards
  • Operates the washing machines to guarantee that Galley equipment is kept clean and ready for the service


  • Collaborates on food preparations, accomplishing all tasks assigned by the Chef de Partie, in order to provide the final dish as per Company procedures, following HACCP standards.
  • Organizes and keeps the assigned Galley area tidy, cleaned, sanitized and stores utensils properly in order to respect HACCP standard and Company procedures
  • Loads the food needed from the provision area, as per requisition form and stores it in the designated areas, to guarantee that the final dish can be prepared as per Company recipes and following HACCP standards