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COSTA CRUISES: Commis De Cuisine Trainee


  • Collaborates on food preparations, accomplishing all tasks assigned by the Chef de Partie, in order to provide the final dish as per Company procedures, following HACCP standards.
  • Organizes and keeps the assigned Galley area tidy, cleaned, sanitized and stores utensils properly in order to respect HACCP standard and Company procedures
  • Loads the food needed from the provision area, as per requisition form and stores it in the designated areas, to guarantee that the final dish can be prepared as per Company recipes and following HACCP standards.


COSTA CRUISES: Galley Operator

  • Assures that all Galley equipment (e.g.: plates, glasses, pots ..) is always properly cleaned and sanitized in order to guarantee delivery of the services, following HACCP standards
  • Provides to maintain all Galley working areas always clean, including floors, walls, elevators as per Galley manual, to guarantee the sanitation, following HACCP standards
  • Operates the washing machines to guarantee that Galley equipment is kept clean and ready for the service

AIDA & Costa : Waste Water Plant Assistant

  1. Independent Operation of AWWT System or similar waste water systems
  2. Performing Periodically reoccurring cleaning work on filters,Membranes and tanks.
  3. Adjustment of the entire AWWT-System in order to safeguard its efficient operation
  4. Performing all necessary maintenance and repair works on all components of the system in particular filters, blowers , pumps and tanks
  5. Observation of the key values of the system and adequate reaction in the event of the deviation from set points
  6. Controlling of the strict hygiene regulation



AIDA & Costa : Recreational Water Facilities Technician"RWF TECHNICIAN "

  1. Repair and maintenance work on technical equipment and systems inter alia in spa and pool areas including trouble shooting and elimination of defects
  2. Independent works for assigned duties as required by the facility manager
  3. Assistance in safety duties on order as required by the facility manager
  4. Stand by duties as required
  5. Assistance in correct and regular management of the existing planned maintenance and purchasing system
  6. Inventory checks of spares and consumables
  7. Ensure compliance of water quality with VSP, Carnival Corporation Procedures and national and international rules and regulations


AIDA CRUISES: Bar Waitress

  1. Realization of all guidelines within the assigned F&B Service working areas
  2. Maintain accurate information flow to superior in case of divergence of the processes
  3. Aim for a close and efficient teamwork with all F&B Service (Bar, Restaurant) staff in order to guarantee a smooth operation of all working procedures
  4. Ensure a fast, efficient and courteous service
  5. Adopt basic professional competence of all working products provided in the bars
  6. Adopt a cost-effective operation method (avoid breakage and pouring loss)
  7. Assist inventory procedures when instructed by the superiors
  8. Work according to the instructions of your superiors and assist wherever needed

COSTA CRUISES: Housekeeping Stewardess Trainee

  • Cleans and keeps tidy and clear the assigned area in accordance with sanitation standards
  • Uses materials and products delivered by supervisor and is responsible for their employment in order to comply with sanitation standards

AIDA & Costa : Hotel Fitter

  1. Repair works on ceiling , walls , loose and fixed furniture / equipment in catering areas
  2. Repair works on ceiling . walls , loose and fixed furniture in public areas
  3. Welding / repair on ceiling structures
  4. upon team need , he / she helps the carpenter in daily activities


AIDA & COSTA : Electrician

The Electrician is a person with moderate experience in the electrical field. He provides services regarding inspection, maintenance, and repair of installations and electrical equipment under the supervision of the 1st Electrician Officer and Electrician Officer.

AIDA & Costa : Refrigeration Assistant

The Assistant Reefer is a person with moderate experience in the field of refrigeration. He follows performance monitoring, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, under the guidance of the Reefer Engineer.

AIDA & Costa : Motorman / Oiler

The Motorman is a person with experience in the inspection and maintenance, scheduled and unscheduled, of the engine as a whole. He provides service by assisting the Motorman Daily under the direction and supervision of the 1st Engineer. The Motorman also serves watch under the direction and supervision of the Chief Engine Watch Officer.