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AIDA CRUISES: 2ND Light Operator

1. Helps the 1st Light Operator in preparing a monthly status report
2. Is responsible for lighting ambience in all areas under the jurisdiction of the
entertainment department
3. In the event of special performances develops lighting in consultation with the Shov
Manager and the 1. Light Operator
Supervises lighting pre-sets in the following areas. Spa, AIDA bar, Anytime Disco
Pool deck, Kids Club, Theatrium Bars
5. Reports all defects to the 1st Light Operator with appropriate documentation
6. Is supportive in ordering expendable items via 1 Light Operator
7. Follows the WI CMO Entertainment Technical Manual (ConSense) to the letter
8. Runs entertainment program according to cue-books or on instructions of superior
9. For copyright reasons, no changes may be made to the shows without prior
permission from FAL AIDA Entertainment on land
10. Is responsible for servicing and maintenance order and cleanliness in field of activity
11. Arrives punctually at all rehearsals and shows (taking preparation into account)
12. Cooperates directly with and mutually supports the other operators, as well as other
members of the entertainment department
13. Reports all defects to the Electrician officer Entertainment and the Superior by
means of appropriate documentation
14. Is supportive in ordering expendable items via the Electrician officer Entertainment
and AIDA Entertainment on land
15. Is supportive in ordering show-Specific items via AIDA Entertainment on land
16. Works interdepartmentally on all events

PRINCESS CRUISES: Chef De Partie Pastry

As a Chef de Partie – Pastry, you will be assisting the Executive Pastry Chef and supervising the Pastry team to produce the best pastry and desserts at sea to provide a superior cruise experience for our guests.


  • Actively involved in the daily galley production for all restaurants and dining rooms.
  • Actively involved in daily garnish production.
  • Ensures that the galley equipment is treated with care and is always well maintained.
  • Ensures that all food items are being properly handled according to USPH practices, policies, and procedures.
  • Prepares/sets up station for service in the galley.
  • Perform any duties as may be assigned by the CDP, Sous Chef, and Executive Chef.


Assisting the Chief Baker and supervising a bakery team to produce the best baked goods at sea


Supervising the butchery team abd supporting the Chief Butcher in producing and delivery the best possible culinary experience at sea.

PRINCESS CRUISES: Demi Chef de Partie Pastry

  • Always carries out production in assigned area/station according to Company recipes and picture presentation as directed by the Executive Pastry Chef / Chef de Partie Pastry.
  • Supervises Pastry staff in an assigned service station during operational activities as directed by the Executive Pastry Chef / Executive Chef.
  • Always practices batch cooking/preparation process (for soufflés, puddings, crème-brulee, etc.) to eliminate waste.
  • Demonstrates an ongoing understanding of the ingredient consumption required for daily production and always follows recipes to eliminate waste; always informs the Executive Pastry Chef when fluctuations occur.
  • Assists in on-the-job training for new-to-vessel / first-contract Pastry staff in assigned section as directed by the Executive Chef / Executive Pastry Chef.
  • Continually seeks guidance from the Executive Pastry Chef to ensure production is executed according to Princess’s recipes.


Responsible in cleaning and sanitizing specific galley preparation and service areas and gallery machinery and equipment.


Responsible of serving food and beverage efficiently and in a courteous manner. 

VIKING RIVER: Chef De Partie

Responsible for leading and supporting a multi cultural team of Galley personnel, ensuring the highest level of crew satisfaction and productivity. 

VIKING RIVER: Commis De Cuisine

Responsible to produce and maintain the expected level of food quality in the assigned area of responsibility.