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  • Reports to the Boatswain 
  • Perform maintenance and cleaning duties
  • Responsible for performing general exterior maintenance as assigned by the boatswain
  • Participates in mooring and anchoring operations
  • Assist in the maintenance of boats, rafts, davits, etc
  • Make small maintenance repairs as needed
  • Rigging cargo and tender gear. Opening/Closing hatches, tender driving and shore and platform duties
  • Function as tender driver after training and skills test
  • Perform duties as directed by Boatswain



  • Reports to the Foreman - Engine Room 
  • Cleaning and painting of various machinery, equipment and engine room spaces
  • Work as riggers when heavy parts or equipment have to be transported or to be landed or brought on board
  • Assist engineers and/or machinists with overhauls on engines and auxiliaries as directed by the foreman
  • Bunkering of ship tender while at anchor
  • Assist with installing/removing bunker hoses at bunkering port. Assist assistant engineer while bunkering
  • Removing dirt and garbage from engine room
  • Other duties as assigned by the Foreman



  • Maintains proper operation of the vessel's main and auxiliary machinery and equipment, including the potable water system to USPH standards and assigned operating station in the engine room 
  • Maintains accurate entries in logbooks and planned maintenance system as required
  • Performs planned maintenance in accordance with the maintenance schedule in AMOS
  • Stands and supervises a watch keeping shift as Senior Watch keeper in charge of the watch, which includes monitoring and, where necessary, adjusting all vital parameters/setting to obtain/maintain a safe and economical sailing; calling for a red manning; fuel counter, if arrival; accurately maintaining logs; monitoring alarms; and effectively communicating with the bridge
  • Works and communicates effectively with Deck and Hotel Personnel
  • Prioritize ethics and compliance including health, environmental protection, safety and security in day to day duties
  • Participates in weekly emergency drills
  • Other duties as assigned by the Staff Engineer Officer or Chief Officer



  • Maintains and directs a safe navigational watch as assigned by the Master, in accordance with company HESS-MS and regulatory requirements and reports the navigational progress of the voyage per the master’s standing orders.
  • Supervises mooring operations during anchoring and berthing, the preparation and lowering of the tender platform, the lowering and heaving of the tenders, the emergency mustering program and boat drills for passengers and crew.
  • Maintains inventory control and requisition administration and overtime administration.
  • Maintains and updates meteorological records and the Deck logbook.
  • Instructs passengers and crew in the proper use of life saving equipment and assists in the testing and recording of safety and lifesaving equipment maintenance.
  • Communicates effectively with the Master, Staff Captain, Safety Officer, and all members of the Navigational Watch.
  • Promotes a safety culture. Performs safety briefs daily and prior to maintenance work and projects. Ensures all crew members are performing their duties in accordance with all safety protocols and using proper safety equipment.
  • Prioritizes ethics and compliance including health, environmental protection, safety and security in day-to-day duties.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Staff Captain.


  • Builds, maintains and repairs/adjusts various ship's items utilizing wood or its substitutes such as panels, counters, ceiling, etc.
  • Repairs and replaces a variety of utensils such as mirrors, soap holders, towel hooks, toilet seats, etc.
  • Repairs and replaces broken glass from windows and portholes.
  • Repairs and replaces tiles in kitchen, showers, swimming pools, etc.
  • Repairs and replaces sealants in kitchens, showers, cabins, etc.
  • Repairs and replaces door gaskets on fridges, cold and/or freezer rooms etc.
  • Fabricates extra shelving or cabinets wherever required.
  • Varnishes and paints furniture and dance floors. Work with upholsterers in repairing furniture.
  • Removes and Replaces ceiling panels where required
  • Other duties as assigned by the Sr. Carpenter


  • Machines, fabricates and repairs machinery and equipment.
  • Operates and maintains all workshop equipment such as lathe, drilling machines, grinding machine, etc.
  • Machines parts as per sample or as per drawing.
  • Carries out most basic pipe work in or outside the engine room.
  • Assists engineers with repairs and overhauls whenever necessary and as directed by Senior Machinist.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Senior Machinist.


  • The Locksmith carries out repair, maintenance and replacement of doors, door locks and related hardware
  • Carries out the repair, maintenance and replacement of doors, door locks and related hardware (including passenger suitcases).
  • Makes new and spare keys.
  • Keeps inventory on tools and materials.
  • Other duties as assigned by FTSO.


  • Supporting the Chief Engineer and the Technical Department with an efficient and organized structure for storage and retrieval of critical files, drawings, manuals, certifications, etc.  Provide consistent administrative tasks in the ECR and ECP operation
  • Chief Engineer Administration Assistant, including ERM & Environmental Administrator, all related administrative duties including logs, upkeep of all digital engineering files, retention paperwork
  • Perform a variety of clerical duties such as reception, calls, typing, auditing, copying & compiling data, maintaining & filing records, reporting, and processing paperwork.
  • Provide assistance with basic tasks where requested and perform other related support duties such as shipping, inspecting, entering orders, inventory counts, digital engineering files, etc
  • Compile and maintain records for the technical department and other departments if required, including upkeep of Manuals and Bulletins / SOP’s and picture files
  • Operate computer terminals to log, retrieve and enter data
  • Follows Fleet Regulations (HESSMS) and other Company-mandated internal, external, and government regulations at all times and ensures any non-compliance items are raised to Chief Engineer
  • Requires sufficient knowledge of engineering in order to have understanding in terminology used in the administrative tasks
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief Engineer or designated supervisor




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