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  Responsible for preparation and baking of all Bakery Goods.


Responsible for assisting the Chief Butcher or Chef De Partie - Butcher in the best possible culinary experience.


Providing general assistance to the Demi Chef De Partie - Pastry and/or any member of the Pastry department as instructed by the Executive Pastry Chef.

AIDA CRUISES: Laundry Master

Ensures all Laundry operations are managed and operated to the highest safety standards.

AIDA CRUISES: Executive Housekeeper

Supervises all housekeeping employees, has the authority to hire or discharge, plans and assigns work assignments, give training for newly recruited employees, audit and inspects housekeeping personal work assignment and requisition supplies. Take care of the budget and budget controlling for the department.

AIDA CRUISES: Asst. Laundry Master

Ensures all Laundry operations are managed and operated to the highest safety standards.

AIDA & Costa : Public Health Officer ( PHO )


  • Support the implementation and compliance with shipboard prevention and control activities at all response levels including for COVID-19, AGE and other communicable diseases.
  • Monitors the public health and infection control protocols and measures related to individuals in quarantine and /or isolation.
  • Assists the medical team in responding to local health authority requests for public health information , data or investigations.
  • Coordinating drills on the company's outbreak prevention and response plan (OPRP) to ensure all crew adequately trained, equipped and prepared to effectively respond to outbreaks of communicable diseases


  • Oversees the implementation of shipboard Public Health procedures and compliance with the Global HESS Public Health policies and Corporate Ininstructional notices
  • Supports the technical and Deck Department onboard to identify and prioritize relevant repair and maintenance activities and refit planning
  • Reviews the food safety management PW, RWF and air handling systems and records , to ensure compliance with public health standards, complete assigned project work to improve or develop procedures and policies
  • Monitor third party vendor public health services, including but not limited to water samplers and sampling events




  • Performing, welcoming, and sales-oriented F&B Service
  • Responsible for serving food and beverages in any F&B outlet according to the management
  • Up-selling the menu to the guests efficiently
  • Polishing equipment, glassware, and flatware

AIDA & COSTA : Jr / Hotel Technician

Main Task and Responsibilities :
  1. Repair and maintenance work on technical equipment and systems in galleys, bars, pantries, spa area and laundries including trouble-shooting and elimination of defects.
  2. Independent works for assigned duties as required by the Facility Manager.
  3. Overseeing the Planned Maintenance System (PMS), carrying out maintenance duties assigned to his/her position, running update of maintenance data.
  4. Ordering of spare parts and verifying correct deliveries.
  5. Inventory checks of spare parts and consumables.
  6. Assistance in safety duties on order of Chief Engineer and safety role.
  7. Stand-by duties as required.

AIDA & COSTA : Electronic / Communication Technician

  • Repair entertainment electronic equipment and components.
  • Maintenance and repairs of 
  • technical and nautical systems on the bridge and the Engine Room
  • electronic safety and security systems
  • electronic chart and navigation Systems (ECDIS)
  • fire detection system (FDS)
  • Public Address and General Alarm system (PA/GA)
  • internal and external communication systems (wired and radio wireless systems)
  • GMDSS and commercial satellite communication systems
  • Closed Circuit TV system (CCTV) and Central Clock system
  • electronic office equipment, printing and publishing equipment
  • electronic door locks and safes  
  • To support maintenance on various systems if skilled and advised