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The Electrician is a person with moderate experience in the electrical field. He provides services regarding inspection, maintenance, and repair of installations and electrical equipment.

COST CRUISES: F&B Attendant (Russian Speaking)

  • Picks up and delivers food and beverage during the service periods from the galley to the dining room.
  • Sets up and cleans the assigned area to guarantee the compliance to the PHS procedures and service standards.
  • During the service brings to the Galley area all the materials for washing, facilitating the process by arranging them according to instructions received and bring back to the waiter stations.

FPSO ( Floating Production Storage and Offloading )


  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Control Room Operator (CRO)
  • Production Technician (G2)
  • Production Technician (G1)


  • Cargo Superintendant
  • Cargo Supervisor (G2)
  • Cargo Supervisor (G1)
  • Asst Cargo Supervisor (G2)
  • Asst Cargo Supervisor (G1)
  • Cargo Operator (G3)
  • Cargo Operator (G2)
  • Cargo Operator  (G1)


  • Engine Room Supervisor
  • Maintenance Supervisor(G2)
  • Maintenance Supervisor (G1)
  • Asst Maintenance Supervisor (G2)
  • Asst Maintenance Supervisor (G1)
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • Mechanical Supervisor
  • Instrument Supervisor
  • Electrical Technician (G2)
  • Electrical Technician (G1)
  • Mechanical Technician (G2)
  • Mechanical Technician (G1)
  • Instrument Technician (G2)
  • Instrument Technician (G1)
  • Maintenance Operator (G3)
  • Maintenance Operator (G2A)
  • Maintenance Operator (G2)
  • Maintenance Operator (G1)
  • Storekeeper (G2)
  • Storekeeper (G1)
  • Crane Operator
  • Work Boat Driver
  • GP Foreman


  • Medic
  • Operations Intergrity Technician (OIT)
  • Radio Officer

PRINCESS CRUISES: Stateroom Steward (Mandarin-Speaking)

  • Making beds
  • Cleaning bathrooms & toilets
  • Vacuuming 
  • Dusting 
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Replenishing linens, towels and room amenities 
  • Ensuring general maintenance of stateroom 
  • Cleaning stateroom balconies

PRINCESS CRUISES: Buffet Steward (Mandarin Speaking)

Responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and good order of the restaurant and buffet table

PRINCESS CRUISES: All Hotel Departments (Mandarin Speaking)

All Hotel Departments with Mandarin Speaking Skills

AIDA & Costa : Entertainment Audio & Video Technician

  1. Working on order of the Electrician Officer Entertainment for safe and reliable operation and maintenance of all video and media systems on the vessel and architectural lighting infrastructures.
  2. To Maintain and repair all video and media system with the main effort on:
  • BCC & Live Production / Post Production
  • LED projection walls and Art light design
  • Video Projection System 
  • Entertainment Light Equipment 
  • Show video system and media sever
  • Entertainment sound systems
  • Intercom System 
  • TV- Antennas


AIDA & Costa : Water and Pool Operator

  1. Supervise water bunkering operation 
  2. Maintaining and to ensure the correct functioning and maintenance of bunkering and production system and distribution system 
  3. Maintaining the necessary records pertaining the swimming pool, whirlpool spas, whirlpool tubs, super halogenations, filter backwashing, whirlpool spa daily cleaning
  4. Bunker and production halogenations and pH control- taking corrective action if halogen level fall outside of the required limits :adjusting the equipment , by initiating repairs, or contacting the hotel engineer
  5. Ordering spare parts( i.e sensor , pumps etc ) in case of malfunctioning or when required by the hotel engineer 
  6. etc


AIDA & Costa : IT Technician

  1. The IT Technician is Responsible for the safe, reliable operation and maintenance of hotel IT systems assigned, including infrastructure, soft and Hardware maintenance. Cooperate on daily operational issues and closely communicates with the IT Officer or IT Administrator. Cooperates with other departments if advised . Reports to IT Officer or IT Administrator for assigned work activities.
  2. Responsible for troubleshooting, maintenance and occasional repairs of assigned IT System and Equipment, including It office Equipment and systems on the vessel.
  • To Inspect ,maintain , administrate and repair all IT server Clients systems 
  • Server & service availability
  • Network and IT Infrastructure Components ( LAN, WLAN, Check -in WLAN ) 
  • VoIP or Smartphone infrastructure and clients
  • Public Devices and etc



AIDA & Costa : Environmental Officer

  1. Reports about environmental management and performance onboard 
  2. Oversees the environmental compliance of the ship
  3. Responsible for completing and keeping the records of all the environmental training 
  4. Facilitate a work environment that support a successful safety culture , is responsible for ensuring that his / her team implements and maintains an effective Hess Management system
  5. etc