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COSTA CRUISES: Executive Chef

To ensure the efficient operation of all food production areas, to constantly analyze quality and cost of food production, to keep within the set budget and monitor time management.


Responsible for providing assistance to the First Pantryman with the preparation of special cold food items to fulfill passenger requests such as cold fruits and cold soups

P&O AUSTRALIA CRUISES: General Galley Steward

Responsible in cleaning and sanitizing specific galley preparation and service areas and gallery machinery and equipment.


  • Fully responsible for the assigned section
  • Following the set recipes
  • Understanding the work quality and food quality according to USPH and HACCP standards
  • Reporting to Chef De Cuisine/ Sous Chef


The Master /captain is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the ship including its seaworthiness, safety and security, cargo operations, navigation, crew management, and legal compliance‍ ‌and for the persons and cargo on board.



The Chief Officer /Mate is the second in command of the vessel, is often equated, in corporate terms, to a senior manager for the operations on board, as the Mate is in charge of a number of departmental functions. In modern cargo vessels, the Mate holds appointments like Head of Deck Department.


The 2nd Officer / Second Mate is the third in command (or on some ocean liners fourth) and a watchkeeping officer, customarily the ship's navigator.

The Navigator's role focuses on creating the ship's passage plans. A passage plan is a comprehensive, step by step description of how the voyage is to proceed from berth to berth or one port to another. The plan includes undocking, departure, the en route portion of a voyage, approach, and mooring at the destination.



The 3rd Officer /third mate is a watchstander and customarily the ship's safety officer and fourth-in-command (fifth on some ocean liners).

Duties related to the role of safety officer focus on responsibility for items such as firefighting equipment, lifeboats, and various other emergency systems


Chief Engineer is the senior most engine officer of an engine department on a ship, typically a merchant ship, and holds overall leadership and the responsibility of that department. As a person who holds one of the most senior roles on the ship, they must have excellent communication and leadership skills. They will be expected to regularly work alongside other crew members and external consultants, and most importantly, provide guidance to his or her team.


A second engineer or first assistant engineer is the person on a ship responsible for supervising the daily maintenance and operation of the engine department and They report directly to the chief engineer.