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AIDA & COSTA : Garbage Handler

  • Responsible for the general operation and cleanliness of the Waste Treatment Room.
  • Ensure all waste is properly prepared to be processed into the incinerators, shredders, compactor, or stored in cold store.
  • Ensure that all waste is properly separated, packaged and labeled as required before disposal
  • Always be present in the Incinerator Room while the Incinerator is in use


AIDA CRUISES: Galley Utility Trainee

  • Assures that all Galley equipment (e.g.: plates, glasses, pots ..) is always properly cleaned and sanitized in order to guarantee delivery of the services, following HACCP standards
  • Provides to maintain all Galley working areas always clean, including floors, walls, elevators as per Galley manual, to guarantee the sanitation, following HACCP standards
  • Operates the washing machines to guarantee that Galley equipment is kept clean and ready for the service

AIDA CRUISES: Cabin Steward

Responsible for the cleanliness and service in assigned cabin section including pantries cleaning lockers and linen stores.

AIDA CRUISES: Cleaner Trainee

  • Cleans and keeps tidy and clear the assigned area in accordance with sanitation standards
  • Uses materials and products delivered by supervisor and is responsible for their employment in order to comply with sanitation standards

AIDA CRUISES: Laundryman

Responsible for washing, dry cleaning and ironing of laundry.

AIDA & COSTA : Carpenter

  • Responsible for all carpentry and woodwork onboard


AIDA CRUISES: F&B Utility Trainee

  • Properly serve food and beverages as per AIDA standards;
  • Responsible for cleanliness and maintaining the entrusted serving equipment.

AIDA & COSTA : Fireman

  • Responsible for safety and firefighting on board the ship



AIDA CRUISES: Spa Therapist

Responsible for the professional accomplishment of all massages, treatments as well as wellness applications.

PRINCESS CRUISES: Assistant Pantry

Responsible for providing assistance to the First Pantryman with the preparation of special cold food items to fulfill passenger requests such as cold fruits and cold soups.