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AIDA & Costa : Wiper

Wiper is primarily engaged in the cleaning and painting of various areas and machinery that are in the Engine Room and all those places considered “technical.” He is also assigned to the handling of materials and spare parts. The Wiper works under the guidance of the Foreman.

AIDA & COSTA : Security Guard

  • Conduct access control for cruise passengers, employees, visitors, and other persons to guard and maintain security of premises
  • Monitor and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Monitors security aboard the ship 24/7 alternating day and night shifts. Performs regular safety rounds of public, crew and off-limit areas of the ship. Presents to the Chief/Deputy Security Officer the log of activities during the night time hours
  • Inspect passenger and crew documents validity such as; port ids, driver’s licenses, passports for access control to the ship
  • Execute post responsibilities as required
  • Follow specific post orders

AIDA & COSTA : Garbage Handler

  • Responsible for the general operation and cleanliness of the Waste Treatment Room.
  • Ensure all waste is properly prepared to be processed into the incinerators, shredders, compactor, or stored in cold store.
  • Ensure that all waste is properly separated, packaged and labeled as required before disposal
  • Always be present in the Incinerator Room while the Incinerator is in use


AIDA CRUISES: Galley Utility Trainee

  • Assures that all Galley equipment (e.g.: plates, glasses, pots ..) is always properly cleaned and sanitized in order to guarantee delivery of the services, following HACCP standards
  • Provides to maintain all Galley working areas always clean, including floors, walls, elevators as per Galley manual, to guarantee the sanitation, following HACCP standards
  • Operates the washing machines to guarantee that Galley equipment is kept clean and ready for the service

AIDA CRUISES: Cabin Steward

Responsible for the cleanliness and service in assigned cabin section including pantries cleaning lockers and linen stores.

AIDA CRUISES: Laundry Trainee

Responsible for washing, dry cleaning and ironing of laundry.

AIDA & COSTA : Carpenter

  • Responsible for all carpentry and woodwork onboard


AIDA CRUISES: F&B Utility Trainee

  • Properly serve food and beverages as per AIDA standards;
  • Responsible for cleanliness and maintaining the entrusted serving equipment.

AIDA & COSTA : Fireman

  • Responsible for safety and firefighting on board the ship



AIDA CRUISES: Spa Therapist

Responsible for the professional accomplishment of all massages, treatments as well as wellness applications.