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COSTA CRUISES: Adult Animator (Japanese Speaking)

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Job Description

- Socializing with Guests during their time on board: during the first embark and final debark of Guests, during excursion disembarkations, the various cocktails during the cruise, the theme parties and on the various occasions and meetings when Guests gather in the lounges during the day or the evening. Paying particular attention to Guests travelling alone, who might have more difficulties fitting into shipboard life.

- Being available to address all Guests’ needs, providing them with detailed information about the various on-board revenue services. To this purpose being constantly informed of each and every aspect of the cruise product in all services, and in the eventuality of any changes

- Publicizing the various entertainment and cruise staff activities, trying to involve Guests in active or passive participation, following their typology and their needs.

- Cooperating with the organization of activities which promote and enhance the various services on board, the excursions and the concessionaries, in order to ensure a positive revenue come-back.

- Making the most of materials available for the cruise staff (scenery, costumes…etc…). Preparing what is necessary for the various activities well in advance, paying attention to details, using things in a correct and efficient way.

Job Qualification

  • Min.1 year working experience in related positions at least not more than 1 year ago
  • Able to speak Japanese
  • Pleasant personality
  • Good English
  • No Visible Tattoo
High school
21 - 35 years old
1 years


Preferably with Passport, Seaman's Book, and BST

Please bring along with you:
- CV
- Recent Photo 4x6
- photocopy of National ID Card
- Certificates of employment (Original and Copy)
- 2 last contracts Appraisals (for shipboard experience)
- Photocopy of Family Cert. (KK)
- Photocopy of Birth Certificate
- Be in a business attire is a must.
- Preferably with Certificate of Language Proficiency

Please bring your CV and Reference letter or Certificate of Employment (Original and Copy) from your previous company. 
For ex-crew (those with shipboard experience), please bring PASSPORT, SEAMAN'S BOOK, and 2 last-contract APPRAISALS. We will not continue the interview without those documents.