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AIDA & Costa : Waste Water Plant Assistant

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Job Description

  1. Independent Operation of AWWT System or similar waste water systems
  2. Performing Periodically reoccurring cleaning work on filters,Membranes and tanks.
  3. Adjustment of the entire AWWT-System in order to safeguard its efficient operation
  4. Performing all necessary maintenance and repair works on all components of the system in particular filters, blowers , pumps and tanks
  5. Observation of the key values of the system and adequate reaction in the event of the deviation from set points
  6. Controlling of the strict hygiene regulation



Job Qualification

  • Good English
  • Have min 1 contract experience in related positions
  • Complete and valid documents
  • Pleasant personality 
  • Experience in operation and maintenance of Pipe systems , fitter systems , pumps and blowers
  • Ability to read and understand technical system descriptions and technical drawings
  • Basic knowledge of chemical and physical functionality of AWWT - systems
  • Basic knowledge of chemical water analysis methods



High school
21 - 45 years old
2 years
Please be in business attire and bring your printed CV (in English), 4x6 photograph, passport and seaman’s book (Original ), employment certificates or appraisals ( original ), photocopy of your ID card, birth certificate, KK, and education certificate. Please prepare for an English language interview.