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Job Description

  • Supporting the Chief Engineer and Technical Department with an efficient and organized structure for storage and retrieval of critical files, drawing, manuals, certifications, etc. Provide consistent administrative tasks in the ECR and ECP operation
  • Chief Engineer administration assistant, including ERM & Environmental Administrator ,all related administrative duties including logs, upkeep of all digital engineering files, retention paperwork
  • Perform a variety of clerical duties such as reception, calls, typing, auditing, copying & compiling data, maintaining & filling records, reporting, and processing paperwork
  • provide assistance with basic tasks where requested and perform other related support duties such as shipping, inspecting, entering orders, inventory counts, digital engineering files, etc.
  • Compile and maintain records for the technical department and other departments if required ,including upkeep of manuals and bulletins/SOP and picture files
  • Operate computer terminal to log, retrieve and enter data
  • Follow fleet regulations (HESSMS) and other Company -mandated internal, external, and government regulations at all times and ensure any non compliance items are raised to Chief Engineer
  • Requires sufficient knowledge of engineering in order to have understanding in terminology used in the administrative tasks
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief Engineer or designated supervisor


Job Qualification

  • Min 21 years old
  • Min 1 year experience in similar role
  • Graduates of Maritime Technical programs or Junior Maritime Engineering Officers
  • Extensive Computer based work experience 
  • Strong organizational skills
  • High standard of English Communication skills both written and Verbal
  • Have Valid Documents
21 - 45 years old
1 years
Please be in business attire and bring your printed CV (in English), 4x6 photograph, passport and seaman’s book (Original ), employment certificates or appraisals ( original ), photocopy of your ID card, birth certificate, KK, and education certificate. Please prepare for an English language interview