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Job Description

Security Guards are part of a team of security personnel which monitor passenger and crew activities, investigating security matters that arise, promptly reporting and correcting security issues and contribute to maintaining a safe and secure shipboard environment in line with company values.

Job Qualification

  • A minimum of 1 year experience in day to day x-ray screening operations ( on stand-alone unit or tier 1-4 in line screening ops ),walk -through metal detection screening, handheld metal detection, pat-down searches and preferable also being familiar with trace detection and CCTV operations
  • Recognized work experience will be from Airport/Airline screeners, Maritime Port/Cruise Terminal screeners, Industrial or Government/Transportation security screeners including those that have served at Embassies front of the house 
  • Being familiar/comfortable with high volume guest traffic, crowd control, communication & services
  • Good English language capabilities ,both verbal and written



High school
21 - 45 years old
1 years
Please be in business attire and bring your printed CV (in English), 4x6 photograph, passport and seaman’s book (Original ), employment certificates or appraisals ( original ), photocopy of your ID card, birth certificate, KK, and education certificate. Please prepare for an English language interview