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ADORA CRUISE: Pay Restaurant 2nd Cook

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Job Description

As a Pay Restaurant 2nd Cook on a cruise ship, you will be responsible for assisting the lead cook in the preparation and presentation of meals in our specialty dining venues. You will participate in food preparation tasks such as chopping ingredients, maintaining cleanliness of the kitchen, and ensuring food safety standards are met. You'll also be involved in organizing and restocking kitchen supplies. Understanding the menu to answer guests' questions, and maintaining a professional, efficient, and high-quality service standard is key. The role requires teamwork and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Job Qualification

  • Last work experience should not be more than 1 year ago
  • No Visible Tattoo
  • Pleasant personality
  • Good English
High school
21 - 35 years old
1 years

Please bring along with you:

- CV
- Recent Photo 4x6
- photocopy of National ID Card
- Certificates of employment (Original and Copy)
- 2 last contracts Appraisals (for shipboard experience)
- Photocopy of Family Cert. (KK)
- Photocopy of Birth Certificate
- Be in a business attire is a must.

Please bring your CV and Reference letter or Certificate of Employment (Original and Copy) from your previous company. 
For ex-crew (those with shipboard experience), please bring PASSPORT, SEAMAN'S BOOK, and 2 last-contract APPRAISALS. We will not continue the interview without those documents.