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Job Description

Ensures all linen are clean and pressed, to maintain standards in the laundry area in accordance with Company standards and procedures

Job Qualification

  • Secondary School in Hospitality / Tourism Management
  • At least 1 contracts experience in similar position or as Laundryman B, in other cruise company
High school
21 - 35 years old
1 years

Preferably with Passport, Seaman's Book, and BST

Please bring along with you:
- CV
- Recent Photo 4x6
- photocopy of National ID Card
- Certificates of employment (Original and Copy)
- 2 last contracts Appraisals (for shipboard experience)
- Photocopy of Family Cert. (KK)
- Photocopy of Birth Certificate
- Be in a business attire is a must.

Please bring your CV and Reference letter or Certificate of Employment (Original and Copy) from your previous company. 
For ex-crew (those with shipboard experience), please bring PASSPORT, SEAMAN'S BOOK, and 2 last-contract APPRAISALS. We will not continue the interview without those documents.