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Job Description

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Safe management of an engineering watch (if assigned as watch keeper).
  2. Compliance with Engine Room Resource Management standards of the company.
  3. Compliance with all relevant flag state and class as well as other applicable regulations.
  4. Close communication and reporting to all stakeholders and superiors.
  5. Organizing preventive maintenance of technical equipment of the assigned sub-department, including necessary repair works in accordance with ERM, supported by the Day Engineer Maintenance and additional resources assigned by the Staff Engineer if required.
  6. Enforcement of the rules of health care, occupational safety and fire protection within the whole engine department and responsible to conduct or delegate relevant training.
  7. Training, guidance and supervision of all subordinated crewmembers.
  8. Perform maintenance as per requirement of PMS for the assigned sub-department including inventory check of spares and consumables.
  9. Relevant entries into the engine logbook, the oil record book and other relevant logs as per legislation and the requirements of the ship owner.
  10. Control bunkering of the vessel.
  11. Fulfillment of responsibilities from the Environmental Compliance Plan.
  12. Participating the daily engine officer’s morning meeting if assigned to.
  13. Comply with QMS (Quality Management System) and LMS (Learning Management System) requirements.
  14. Supports planning/ evaluation of dry docks and external repair/ service activities.
  15. Supports bunker operation of the vessel.

Job Qualification

  • Bachelor degree or polytechnic degree of technical ship operation
  • Leadership skills
  • profound knowledge of maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Communication and Reporting Skills
21 - 45 years old
2 years
Please be in business attire and bring your printed CV (in English), 4x6 photograph, passport and seaman’s book (Original ), employment certificates or appraisals ( original ), photocopy of your ID card, birth certificate, KK, and education certificate. Please prepare for an English language interview by MS Team or Skype .