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AIDA & Costa : Helmsman / AB

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Job Description

The Helmsman remains on lookout on the Bridge during navigation. He sends specific signals to ships in the vicinity, paying attention to marine traffic. At the express order of the Captain or the Watch Officer, the Helmsman is positioned on the steering column to guide the ship’s manual steering system. During navigation, if not assigned to the watch, the Helmsman stays at the bow or stern. If not on watch, the Helmsman performs cleaning, polishing of wood, brass and other metal parts, painting or lacquering of the bridge superstructure, lifeboats, or the ship’s sides. He follows splicing and cable repair on board, and covers the safety roles assigned by the security officer.

Job Qualification

  • Good English
  • Have min 2 years experience in related position
  • Have complete and valid documents
  • Pleasant personality
High school
21 - 45 years old
2 years
Please be in business attire and bring your printed CV (in English), 4x6 photograph, passport and seaman’s book (Original ), employment certificates or appraisals ( original ), photocopy of your ID card, birth certificate, KK, and education certificate. Please prepare for an English language interview